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Blackmores was founded in 1932 by Maurice Blackmore, our founder who was a visionary naturopath. Today, Blackmores takes pride in its 80 over years of strong heritage.

Blackmores had its humble beginnings in Australia back in 1930s. Today, it still calls Australia its headquarter with Singapore as the Asia regional HQ.

Blackmores product passes more than 30 rigorous quality checks during all stages of the manufacturing process. At the same time, we hold latest research and scientific findings to support all the claims we make on the products. Therefore, you can always put your trust in Blackmores because we always place the health and safety of our consumers at the heart of our business.

Today Blackmores has its footprint in 14 markets and counting:
Hong Kong, China
Taiwan, China
New Zealand


We have a few best sellers from the various categories, such as Immunity, Fish Oil, Women's Health, Weight Management, etc. You can get in touch with our health advisors for personalised advice via email: [email protected]

You can purchase Blackmores products from different stores islandwide (Guardian, Watsons, Unity etc.) as well as from our online Blackmores Official Stores. Find out more here.

Supplement is not a magic pill. It usually takes at least one to three months to observe the benefit. Many customers gave feedback that Blackmores supplements worked according to the claims stated on the labels as these claims are backed up by latest research and scientific findings. They also observed these benefits by taking the supplements according to the dosage instructions.

We use glass bottles as glass is the best oxygen barrier. The amber colour of the glass bottles blocks out light and the silica sachet inside the bottle absorbs moisture which helps preserves the properties of the nutrient. At the same time glass bottles are recyclable, which helps in energy saving and minimizing environmental impact.

General Tips

We strongly recommend that all supplements to be taken according to the label dosage instructions to ensure safety and efficacy because we hold latest research and scientific findings to support these recommended doses.

Our Pregnancy & Breast-Feeding Advanced can be use throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding to provide essential nutrients for mother and baby's development. We do not recommend taking additional supplements unless prescribed by your health professional. We strongly recommend that you seek advice from your health professional before starting any supplementation regime.


Blackmores adheres to the some of the most rigorous safety and quality standards in the world. Each product passes more than 30 rigorous quality tests and checks during all stages of the manufacturing process, prior to being released to market. We retain a sample from every single batch produced for ongoing testing and quality monitoring. Consumers can have confidence that all our products meet our demanding specifications and they are getting the same quality product inside every single bottle.

Blackmores works with some of the world’s leading raw material suppliers, going to great lengths to source high quality ingredients that comply with our strict ingredients policy. Our strategic sourcing team travels the world to ensure we have transparency over the supply chain safeguarding quality and alignment to our sustainability principles.

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