Our Story

We arrived on the sunny shores of Singapore in 1976 and we’ve been in love ever since. We stay not only for the food, but with Singapore’s rich and diverse culture, we learn a little about each part of Asia just by being in Singapore. We even have our own innovation team located here that designs our products for all of Asia!

You might have also met some of our incredibly knowledgeable Product Advisors, who are always ready to share advice and health tips with you!

"I love getting to interact and engage with customers in store, and it’s interesting how we became friends with our customers after some time! I’m really proud when they come back telling me how effective Blackmores has been for them. I love helping people."

"Blackmores is a long-time favourite of many regular customers. They tell me they like Blackmores because our products are natural and effective. Especially during times like these, it’s important that we take care of our health!"

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Singapore is also our regional HQ which looks after all our business interests outside of Australia and China and covers Strategy, Human Resources, Finance, Innovation, Operations and Marketing. If you are interested in pursuing a career with us, drop us an email.

Our Story

Maurice Blackmore was the founder of natural health in Australia and started the company in the 1930s, opening the first natural health food store and naturopathic clinic in Australia.

The guiding principle of Naturopathy is “be kind to the body” using the healing power of nature. He did not wish to replace modern medicine, merely complementing it with different solutions.

His son, Marcus Blackmore began working in Blackmores at 18 and together they took Blackmores to Asia over forty years ago. It wasn’t always smooth sailing, Maurice fired Marcus three times over the years but they always made up and have now made Blackmores one of the largest Natural Health brands in the world and have brought better health to millions.

The activist and pioneering spirit is in our culture and we are motivated to introduce our products and make them accessible to all. Our team believes in inclusivity and diversity, so that’s why we are working towards making our products suitable for different dietary preferences.

We have been working towards obtaining Halal Certifications for our products and also evaluating and designing a range suitable for vegans/vegetarians. We will never stop in our quest to bring better health to the world.

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Why Blackmores

We love this quote.
It inspires us and we continue to learn new things about nature every day.

So why Blackmores?

Our products work.

We are evidence based in the dosage we give and the actual form of the active ingredient you are purchasing. We know the product we sell works.

Our products are kind to the body.

We go the extra mile to get the ideal form of the active ingredient(s) to be the most highly absorbed and gentle on the body. For example, our Bio C won’t give you reflux, the iron we use in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold won’t give you constipation.

This is Naturopathy - being kind to your body.

We don’t compromise on quality.

Everyone says “quality”, but what does that mean? For us it means doing the right thing when no one is looking. We visit every corner of the world to find the best and most reliable ingredients that meet our strict criteria. For example, our Fish Oil comes from sustainable fishing practices off the coast of Peru. Why Peru? Their anchovy fish eat algae and hence have the lowest contaminant risk.

You can be assured that our products are...

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